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Socio Enterpreneurship Veteriner

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Veterinary social entrepreneurship course is two credits course at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Universitas Gadjah Mada. This course covers several topics related to the social entrepreneurship concept and principles (character building, leadership, job delivery, communication, networking, and management) and its implementation. The courses are given to enrich students' insight in developing innovative, collaborative, entrepreneurial mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours as well as to prepare the students to be problem solvers with a social entrepreneurship spirit in the future veterinary field. This course was developed based on the principle of independent, directed learning in collaboration with partner lecturers/practitioners from various sectors in the veterinary field.

This course run for 7 weeks, each topic per weeks.


No spesific requirements 

Course Staff

1. drh. Agung Budiyanto, M.P., Ph.D.

2. drh. Anggi Muhtar Pratama, M.Sc.

3. Dr drh. Vista Budiariati, M.Si

4. drh. Sugiyono (PT. TMC)

5. drh. Hartalina Karo-Karo (PT. MSD Animal Health)

6. drh. Nanang Purus Subendro (PT. Indoprima Beef)

7. drh. Joko Suseno (Jose vet Klinik)

8. Eko Nugroho, B.Sc., M.BA

  1. Nomor Kursus

  2. Kelas Dimulai

  3. Kelas Berakhir

  4. Bahasa

  5. Tipe Mata Kuliah

    Self Paced
  6. Harga

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